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FTL Speaker Night - Tech Talks: IT Security

  • 1&1 Sapporobogen 6-8 Munich, 81829 Germany (map)

Let’s talk about tech!

IT-Security attacks are a continuously changing danger to organizations, employees as well as consumers. They might be designed to access, change or destroy sensitive data.
So why only use a lock for your front door and ignore the dangers of IT Security attacks. Professionals work daily on protecting individuals and companies from being damaged.

Almost exactly two years to the day after our very first Speaker Night we invite you to another one. This time 1&1 welcomes us (, on April 25th 2019, to listen to two interesting tech talks on IT Security and the challenges professionals face every day.
In the past two years a lot has changed. There have been many different events. Both our team and each one of us has grown. But one thing has definitely stayed the same: We are still pursuing the same goals. At Female Tech Leaders, we believe that one of the best ways to get more women to join (and stay) in STEM fields is by exposing them to the leading role models of their industry.

No matter if male or female, you are warmly welcome to benefit from the shared insights and experiences of our speakers on this evening. As always there will be a buffet followed by a networking part.

Our speakers:

Andrea Drekovic
Andrea graduated Computer Science at the TU in Munich, Philosophy, Psychology and Business Administration at the LMU in Munich, as well as Digital Technology and Management (CDTM). She gained experience abroad during two university stays at UC Berkeley in California and ITBA in Argentina. Andrea is currently working at Siemens AG as an IT Security Consultant.
She is the recipient of several honors and will give us all an insight into her work as an IT-Security Consultant from a technical point of view.

Topic: coming soon..

Jennifer Janesko

Jennifer works as a penetration tester and security consultant in the area of critical infrastructures. Prior her transition to information security, Jennifer worked for over 15 years in IT as a developer and leader in the areas of education, telecommunications and semiconductors. She volunteers as an organizer for the yearly BSidesMunich security conference and the security group MUC:SEC e.V.. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys hiking, competing in (and making) CTFs and tinkering with technologies.

Topic: Safari into the Security of I’s, O’s & T’s

This presentation provides a quick overview of the current state of the (super interesting) field of technical security assessments. What opportunities are out there and up-and-coming? And, how does one break into the field?

Daniel Kefer
Daniel comes from the Czech Republic where he also spent first years of his professional career in security consulting business. In 2011, he moved to Germany to work for 1&1. There he currently acts as a Head of Application Security, helping development teams to continuously improve security posture of cloud products offered under GMX, WEB.DE and brands. He’s also an OWASP volunteer, working on several open source projects, and frequent conference speaker.

Topic: Agile Application Security: What They Didn’t Teach You in School
You spend years learning about IT and Security, both developing and breaking applications. You think you are ready to rock the world and will be applauded for every step you take. Then the reality catches up with you and starts slapping you really hard. You end up learning things which you had never believed had anything to do with security. For instance, what can a security engineer learn from posts on dating sites? Daniel will present some of the things he believes to have learned meanwhile, as well as things he’s still learning.

+++ Important: Doors open at 6:30 PM and we will begin at 7 PM+++

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