Founded in 2016, we have already reached hundreds of women in the Munich area and are dedicated to empowering every woman to become a leader in the tech industry.

Who We are

Female Tech Leaders (FTL) is a Munich-based organization dedicated to empowering women in STEM and leadership roles and mentoring girls who are passionate about technology.

FTL is an entirely volunteer-driven organization, and we welcome your participation, regardless of your gender. We have a number of member-led initiatives like speaker nights, hackathons and workshops to help achieve our mission. Furthermore, we are taking it to the schools to elate girls from the beginning.

Our Mission

To get more women to join STEM fields. To empower and enable those who currently are working or studying in STEM fields. To help those women in STEM who want to get into leadership positions.

I wanted to strengthen the ecosystem for women engineers, leaders and entrepreneurs, making STEM fields and entrepreneurship accessible and opening up these opportunities to younger generations of women too. FTL aims to be the go-to community for women and men to come together in the pursuit of these very goals.
— Alev Canoglu, Founder of Female Tech Leaders