OUR Initiatives

Speaker Nights

Our biggest event series is open to the public and raises awareness and introduces attendees to female role models and issues like unconscious bias affecting women in tech. Speaker Nights are networking hubs and communities for women and men to come together and unite for a greater cause.

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Hackathons create a safe environment for women and men to learn and build hands-on. Even with minimal programming skills yet, we would like to invite women of all levels in order to give them their first low pressure experience at a hackathon, after which they might be more likely to take part in other hackathons or decide to learn more programming.

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Workshops provide an intimate space with professional coaches to motivate and push both male and female participants through interactive, hands-on activities that help them to meet, work together, gain experience in an informal, low-pressure environment enabling them to realize their own potential and gain more confidence.

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Programming Courses

Our programming courses are multi-week programs for people with no or limited programming skills. These courses are open to anyone regardless of gender, age or profession. At the end of the program, active participants should be equipped with the fundamental skill set needed to build their own basic solutions.

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School visits for next generations

The goal of our younger generation programs is to instill a sense of equality in STEM, leadership and entrepreneurship in them. No matter one's gender, children should understand from an early age that everyone is equally equipped for STEM and leadership fields. We lead multiple initiatives to achieve this. Partner companies are encouraged to participate by sending some of their own employees to take part in these initiatives.

  • Visit schools with female and male STEM university students/professionals, talk to pupils about the studies, and/or play programming games
  • Visit schools with female and male entrepreneurs, startup-founders, leaders in tech firms who give talks about their career paths
  • Take school classes (with their teachers) on day trips to tech companies, have the company and their diverse employees present “a day in their life” to the children