Female Tech Leaders (FTL) is a Munich based organization dedicated to empower women in STEM and leadership roles and mentor girls who are passionate about technology.
FTL wants to help create and endorse a growing number of female role models, advocate a more equal gender ratio in the start-up and tech scene, and awake an interest in young women to join STEM fields.

FTL is an entirely volunteer-driven organization, and we welcome your participation, regardless of your gender. We have a number of member-led initiatives like speaker nights, hackathons or workshops, in progress at any time. Furthermore we are taking it to the schools to elate girls from the beginning.

We always encourage our members to launch new initiatives that are inkeeping with the mission, idea and values of our organization.
Either a talk, a workshop or any other event of interest to the community; contact us and we might help you plan and organize it. We are open-minded for new, exciting ideas and high-flying collaborations that help us fulfill our mission.