Don't miss our advisor Lin Kayser's opening words from FTL Speaker Night at Microsoft

On the evening of Tuesday, September 19, Female Tech Leaders welcomed a second at our second ever Speaker Night the Microsoft Germany offices in Munich. Female Tech Leaders has worked hard to continue establishing a local presence since our first Speaker Night in April. Lin Kayser, one of our three advisors, helps to guide our organization in the right direction so that Female Tech Leaders can best achieve our mission. One of Lin's has many skills is inspiring people through his words and actions, so FTL knew he was the one to open this Speaker Night, which the largest event we host.

Lin Kayser,  FTL advisor , welcoming the audience at the Speaker Night on September 19, 2017

Lin Kayser, FTL advisor, welcoming the audience at the Speaker Night on September 19, 2017

Lin quickly engaged the audience by raising the question that FTL receives often, "So why is an organization such as Female Tech Leaders still necessary in 2017?" We have come so far, but why is there still this gap? Lin tells us that it lies in the details, these moments and symbols that people brush off as trivial.

He shared personal stories about raising his young daughters with his wife and all the gender-stereotypes he encounters that make it unnecessarily difficult to embrace interests when they are constantly associated with particular genders. We should all consciously step back and look at how various situations and images are portraying how people should think, act and feel.

I hope you all find the courage to truly explore who you are, what drives you, where your passions lie. Because we need every single one of you to lead and drive this change.

Lin's message resonated with all of us in the room. Thankfully he shared the entire transcript of his opening keynote on his blog here.


About Lin Kayser

Lin is an entrepreneur, investor and one of our trusted advisors at Female Tech Leaders. He is involved in several ventures around robotics and other advanced technologies. In 2011, he established the Kayser Forum for Sustainability, nonprofit organization to raise awareness for environmental issues.

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