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Leadership Quest with FTL and the Munich Leadership Institute

We at FTL are very pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Munich Leadership Institute (MLI), which is offering a very exciting workshop opportunity for our FTL community!

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Join Us for an Epic Leadership Quest

Workshop participants will get the chance to experience a brand new, original program created and offered by the MLI - The Leadership Quest. The Leadership Quest takes place in the beautiful Pähl Gorge (near Munich). During the full-day quest, timeles concepts and teachings are combined with new insights from neuroscience to gain understanding of the underlying mechanisms that determine the way we go after achievement and meaning on a daily basis.

The aim of the workshop is to empower self-leaders who want to accept responsibility and take initiative for their own success. The program is built:

  1. to bring awareness to the mindset and skill-set of self-leaders
  2. to help internalize the core pillars of self-leadership needed to become a proactive self-initiator committed to making meaningful choices and taking action to get where you want to be.

Participants will be able to dive deep into these personal underlying mechanisms through various inputs, activities, and time for reflection. During the entire day MLI experts will guide the participants through a self-improvement journey. This journey will ultimately lead to the discovery of both blind spots and sources of inner strength.

A note about the timeframe of the workshop: Please note that this is an entire-day event. Due to the nature of the workshop and the way each module builds on previous modules, unfortunately, we will not be able to accept any applications from those who cannot be there the whole day. The great value that this workshop will give its participants is worth every hour!

How to Apply

We are very excited about this opportunity, and hope that you are as well! If you would like to apply, please make sure you do so by filling out the form here by 23:59 on July 27th!

Both men and women are invited to this workshop since all genders can benefit greatly from the experiences and insights of the MLI experts. This workshop is also open to all FTL community members, regardless of seniority/experience or specific industry/study specialty. We are very much looking forward to your applications, and then to seeing you there!

Essential Logistics

  • Meeting Point: We will all meet at 8am on Saturday August 11th at the Starnberg Bahnhof. Please be on time! Transport will be provided to Pfaffenhofen, and will need to all get on the bus together a few minutes after 8:00.
  • Food: As always, our partners generously provide us with some small snacks. In this case, MLI will be providing us with snacks as well as a generous lunch during the day. In the evening, we will spend well-deserved time relaxing, chatting and having a BBQ together! If you have special dietary needs or restrictions, such as low blood sugar, please come prepared with a small snack for after lunch.
  • Drink: As with the food, participants will also be provided with water throughout the day, as well as a coffee break. If you feel like you need extra water, please bring one water bottle with you.
  • Clothing: Please come prepared with outdoor clothing. We are not expecting rain, but please look at the weather forecast the day before to see what kind of outer layers/jackets you will need to bring. Also, please wear appropriate shoes for walking in nature. Hiking boots are not necessary, but sport shoes/tennis shoes should suffice.
  • Physical Activity: There will be some points throughout the day where the participants will need to be physically active. There will be some walking and a bit of hiking. The activities will not be too strenuous, but please be aware of your own physical condition and prepare accordingly.
  • Transportation: Transportation will NOT be provided from Munich to Starnberg and back. Please prepare in advance to take a train from Munich to Starnberg with enough time to arrive at the Starnberg Bahnhof at 8:00. There will be transportation provided as we go to and from the Pähl Gorge.
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